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A Blend of Eastern and Western Traditions

A Blend of Eastern and Western Traditions

A Blend of Eastern and Western TraditionsA Blend of Eastern and Western TraditionsA Blend of Eastern and Western Traditions
Progressive Wellness Programs for Conscious Companies

Conscious Corporate Wellness

Auric Nutrition & Wellness Corporate helps benefits teams maximize employee satisfaction by offering the progressive and holistic wellness programs nationwide. 

Our mission is to create and implement sustainable employee wellness programs to balance employees mentally, emotionally, and physically.

What We Do

Meditation classes


Pick traditional or customized guided meditation. Each meditation class includes aromatherapy, sound healing, and journal exercises. Employees are to bring a water bottle, journal, and an open mind.

holistic nutrition classes


 Lunch and Learn classes are formatted to teach employees specific nutrition topics. These sessions will teach a variety of topics to expand their knowledge of natural foods, food combinations, and medicinal values.

essential oil classes


Prepare your employees for a healthy, stress-free work environment with Essential Oils.  We teach an array of information on how to use essential oils, why quality matters and which essential oils to use for what. 

meditation retreats


Host a half or full day meditation retreat with lunch. We'll practice the Art of Silence, Walking Meditation, Lying Meditation, Mindful Eating, Journal Exercises and Breathing Techniques. 

energy healing/reiki


Offer half-hour private Energy Healing sessions for your employees. Our modality is a medically-certified energy modality called Healing Touch. Level 5 practitioners conduct the following: balancing the energy field, opening chakras (energy centers), and removing stagnate energy.

health coaching


Instill knowledge, while providing inspiration, so your employees will be empowered to make permanent and powerful lifestyle change for disease prevention, weight loss, and more. We motivate employees to make choices that benefit and nourish their bodies. 

How It Works